according to Mr. Brown Three Dresses Series: Givenchy S/S2015


_MON0172_MON0817_MON0016So I hope you will forgive that I was “M.I.A.” for a few days.But now it’s back to business! We left off with my aversion to picking just one favorite dress in the SS2015 collections and the resulting Three Dresses Series. These Givenchy dresses are a perfect example. I saw the show three weeks ago in Paris and its still seared into memory. These girls were bad-ass and so were the clothes. And I was struck by the way the dresses stood out in this collection. Floating by amongst all the leather, corsets and over the knee lace up boots were these highly feminine chiffon and crochet dresses.The black dress even has a pretty little bow at the waist! They really struck just the right balance of sexy and pretty. The tough girl with loving intentions. In short, Givenchy SS2015 is

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