according to Mr. Brown Tom Ford S/S2015 #LFW


AA2X0437I am told there are TOM FORD addicts. Certainly plausible when you consider the ongoing fabulousness of the clothes.  So the collection for SS2015 is proof that addiction can be brutallychic.

One thought on “ Tom Ford S/S2015 #LFW

  1. rosietheartworker

    I choose this. I would sleep in it. I’d wear it around the house. I’d attend registry office weddings in it. I’d do better drugs in it. I’d run up to the supermarket in it, I’d break parole in it, I’d grace a charity function in it, I’d water the garden in it, I’d fight fires in it and I’d do your sister in it. I’d take my puppy to the dog park in it. I’d smash bottles of champagne against the hold of a ship in it. I’d announce my run for office in it, I’d sing the blues in it. I’d address a packed courtroom in it, I’d write a letter to the editor in it, I’d have a dangerous liaison in it and I’d learn to figure skate, bake a double batch of choc chip cookies & play the ukulele in it. I’d knit baby booties in it. I’d climb every mountain, ford every stream, in it. I’d pick fruit in it, I’d go to a karaoke bar in it, I’d float my company in it and I’d watch TV with the kids in it. I’d call last drinks in it. I’d accept the highest honour in the land in it. I’d get arrested in it. I’d ring the bell in it. I’d confess my sins in it. I’d argue the toss in it. I’d go to rehab in it. I’d announce my retirement in it. I’d announce that I could fly, in this.
    I’d dream I could fly.
    Just sayin

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